Charge your Electricity Card from your Phone!

Sahl is just what you’ve been looking for — a new, industry-leading app that gives you the chance to charge your electricity card (NFC card) in less than a minute from your phone!

Available now in Egypt, for all Globaltronics prepaid meters.


How it works

1. Order Sahl’s NFC electricity card

or get it ready if you already have it

2. Download Sahl from the

App store, Google Play or App Gallery

3. Make sure you have an NFC

compatible device

Download Sahl App from

App Store or Google Play or App Gallery

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Manage your electricity card from your phone

Sahl allows you to manage your electricity card directly from your phone by using the NFC t echnology . All you need to do is insert the card in your prepaid meter to update the readings on the card, then manage your card through the app.

Charge electricity card

Track consumption trends


Control your monthly electricity and telecom payments

Sahl also allows you to pay for electricity and telecom bills as well as card top-ups

Electricity, mobile, landline & ADSL bill payment

Telecom card top-up


Pay securely by cards or digital wallets

Choose your preferred payment method from the best payment providers in Egypt and around the world

Visa/ Mastercard/ Meeza Card

CIB Smart Wallet

All Electronic Wallets in collaboration with Meeza

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CIB-Smart Wallet-Logo-02.png

Why Sahl

Egypt's first customer-centric utility payments platform


Serving Egypt 24/7

All Sahl services are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all users across Egypt


Unlimited payment amount

As contrary to other utility payment providers, Sahl does not have a ceiling for payments


Track payment trends

Payment trends can be tracked by accessing and revieweing your old receipts


Convenient customer service

Our customer support team strive to give customers a prompt and satisfactory experience


How much does the service cost?

The fees depend on the service and the amount paid. You can know the fees before proceeding with the payment process, after choosing the service and the amount paid

I cannot read the card on the phone

1- Make sure you replaced the electricity card with the new NFC enabled card. 2- Remove any cover from the back of the phone. 3- Make sure you have a good internet connection. 4- Restart the mobile phone. 5- Make sure that the NFC feature is open. 6- When requesting to read the card, place the middle of the card into the top middle of the mobile phone back until it is successfully read

How much does the card cost? 

The card is free of charge for home delivery orders ( and the shipping service costs 50 EGP

I charged, but the charge was not transferred to the card

1- Close the application and login again. 2- Press  “Charge Now”. Read the card. 3- A message will appear “Please read the card again to transfer the charge”. 4- Read the card again without pressing close . 5- A message will appear “The charge is transferred the card successfully”

Which areas are covered for card delivery?

We currently deliver within Cairo, Giza

and Alexandria (

Frequently asked questions


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