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Order your NFC Enabled Electricity Card Now!

*Delivery available within Greater Cairo & Alexandria

Why do I need it?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology that allows you to send and receive information between the card and the mobile phone when attaching card at the back of phone. Sahl's NFC-enabled electricity card allows you to:

  • Charge card through Sahl app

  • Track meter's consumption trends through Sahl app (after inserting card into meter to update the readings)

electricity stations

Electricity Distribution Companies supported by Sahl

Sahl's service is available for all electricity distribution companies across Egypt

South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company

North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company

Canal Electricity Distribution Company

South Delta Electricity Distribution Company

North Delta Electricity Distribution Company

Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Company

Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company

Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company

Beheira Electricity Distribution Company

Taqa Arabia

Cards available at the following stations

Head to any of the available electricity distribution company's stations to directly exchange your electricity card with Sahl's NFC enabled card. (Don't forget to bring your old card with you!)

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